If you are a real fan of sports, you might hear about sports betting – one of the most popular types of entertainment nowadays. With your own money and special skills, you can earn a living by placing a bet on the favorite sports that you want. This activity attracts a lot of people in the world to take part in because it brings back money and helps them to relax after an all day long. Have you ever curious about who are the most famous sports bettors that can spend millions betting on sporting events for years ? Let’s take a quick look at the list below to get more information about them !.

Successful bettors always have their own strategies to win the match. They take advantage of the development of betting markets and get profit from it. According to the general rules, bettors don’t point out their ways to win the match, or else they will be surpassed by other opponents. Therefore, there is no competition which is held to find out the best bettors in the world. However, some outstanding people with high profiles will be well-known among the media. 

  1. Billy Walters

He is treated as one of the most famous bettors in American sports. Some colleagues of him revealed that he has spent a large amount of money on sports betting and earned millions of dollars – which helped him become richer only after a few times. In a book named “ The smart money”, the writer referred to Walters’s ways to make a profit from betting and his success in life. Before he is well-known as a successful person, he didn’t know what he should do to make a living. He has faced up to a lot of difficulties, even being threatened with his life. After all, thanks to his high determination and great efforts, he is deserved to receive what he has dreamed about for years. 

  1. Tony Bloom and Starlizard. 

Tony Bloom is being known as the header of UK sports betting “ Satrlizard”. In a live show that relate to football, he admitted that he owned at least 1 million dollars which almost came from betting on sports. His business is very successful and attracts a lot of customers to enjoy. He is the main person that can make money for the Stalizard’s operation. He is such a shining example for anyone who has a big dream of becoming an excellent gambler.

  1. Zeljko Ranogajec

According to the world list, Zeljko Ranogajec is treated as one of the greatest gamblers around the world. When he was just a little boy, he had an interest in betting on sports, especially blackjack. Little by little, he became a master in this activity and gain profit of one billion dollars. He also encourages other people to give a try in sports betting to turn life into a new leaf. 

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