What is the LoL game and why is it so attrative?

You’ve heard of the game LOL but don’t know what the game is actually? What difference does it make you have to play constantly? All will be answered immediately in my article below!

Lol game is called Game League of Legends. This is an online arena game with many people playing together.

Like other MOBA games, with Lol, players will control their chosen character to participate in a real-time battle (ARTS).

Players will have to destroy the enemy works in the heart of the base and many other buildings to be able to destroy your team fastest in the moving lanes. Each player will be called Summoner – summoner will control a champion -champion to play directly with other teams or against the machine.

face off against a team of other players or the computer. In the game of Lol, the number of champions will increase every day, each type of hero will have a different design and playing style, giving players a completely new experience.
For new players, there will be an allocation of money from the points. Initially, the hero will have quite weak power, but will then increase with each match, along with the money also increases.

To increase the level, the player needs to take down the enemy generals as well as the soldiers or attack the turret of the enemy.

You already know what playing Lol is, then how to play it is sure you are very interested right. In this game will divide the battlefield into two main modes: Pirates and Tradition.

With the mode of chess capture, it is imperative that the player keep as many points as possible on the map to be able to deal the most damage to the enemy. Meanwhile, traditional fighting mode, the player has to protect their home but still have to destroy the opponent’s main house.

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