Although Coronavirus is increasing seriously around the world, some industries had made great efforts to overcome this hard time. The video game industry seemed to thrive impressively thanks to its various options as well as new versions which are very convenient with players. As you probably know, the rapid outbreak of COVID 19 has made a great impact on people’s life. We couldn’t go to work to earn a living because the government encouraged all citizens to be at home in quarantine. Millions of people were at home and they had more time to surf the net to find interesting sources of entertainment. According to the world list, Video games are one of the most popular keys on google. This means that people want to relax by playing online games on the internet. 

Some professionals said that they didn’t feel surprised by the fast growth of this industry. “ People couldn’t do anything apart from working from home and isolating from the community. Only by doing that can Coronavirus be under control and the crisis economy will be disappeared. They will feel very bored if there is nothing to relax and the video game was the most suitable choice at that time. Not only did games help them to become happier, but it also a good chance for people to make money. They could place a bet on a particular match with other players. If they become the winner, they will receive an amount of money. 

In the pandemic, some video game industries such as Microsoft, Activision,… competed with each other to make a great impression with customers. They provided such a lot of options for players to choose and some new versions were created to appeal to people as soon as possible. For example, a game named Game Pass of Microsoft has reached up to 10 million subscribers around the world, whereas  Nintendo – another video game industry sold a million copies when it just came back a few minutes. 

Some professionals admitted that the video game industry has brought back remarkable income and that is the reason why the government should have some suitable measures to boost it up in the future. “ Once the player places his belief in an industry, they will pursue it forever and it is very difficult to change his mind.” The headers of the industry shared his thinking in an interview that there are many setbacks that they have to face up with, but he thought that with the massive support of customers through the years, they will try their best to become the best icon of entertainment. Players will experience many interesting things relating to video games in 2020. 

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