As you may know, due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus which first appeared in Wuhan in 2019, all nations around the world are trying their best to do against economic crisis. Day by day, the current condition is becoming more and more serious, especially in US now where the pandemic is breaking out strongly. There are about 1 million cases and approximately 90,000 deaths.

All activities are being postponed to protect people from social connections and easily control this dangerous virus. In US where casino and gambling industry are popular, it is also be affected heavily. Following the measures of government, all casinos in United States have to be closed for a long time until further notice. As almost all of US citizens are at home and have more free time to take part in their favorite games in quarantine, casinos on mobile phone is becoming more developing.

Although casinos are not held offline as usual, bookmakers can easily get their profits from players through a smartphone. There are various options that players can choose their best suitable one: slots, video poker or table games. Some may feel inconvenient when playing online, online casino will provide a safe place where you can pursue your passion without fearing about Covid 19. However, the leadership of Casinos in United States said that the consumption when playing online is lower in comparison to land-based one.

How much did the US Casino lose ?

Up to now, the casinos has been closed for two months, which make the US casino industry lose about $21.3 in this year. More than half of Casino staffs lost their current jobs and don’t know what will they do to earn a living. According to some latest news, the organizers of this industry is trying their best to discuss with the White house about how to protect this industry from being extinct. As you know, casino is one of the most popular income of United States, so this will be a serious problem to be solved. Some other branches which are relating to casinos are also affected such as hotels, restaurants,…

Deadlines from Regulators to AC Casinos

In Atlantic City, the schedule of casinos was on April 7th but now has been postponed due to the rapid outbreak of Covid 19. According to the new state of Gaming Enforcement , the official information will be revealed before May 7th. We should accept the current circumstance and wait to have some flexible plans.

Casinos in Ohio are being closed

Ohio is well known as one of the last place in US that accept gambling. The first one was opened in 212 and up to now, there are many casinos in this state. However, the compensate of city from this kind of entertainment is becoming worse over years.

The affection of Coronavirus on the economy of this nation is heavy. The government is doing all ways to help this industry back to its normal condition. We all believe that when Covid 19 is out, everything will be ok and people can have a chance to gather in any casinos in Las Vegas in United States.

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