If you love online PC games then you know how overwhelming it can be to find a favourite one. It is always advisable to read reviews and try to understand what every game provides. Some of the popular football computer games are:

Axis Football 2017

This PC game is popular because it comes with full 3D, similar to what EA has in the Madden series. Some of the outstanding features about Axis Football 2017 is the fact that it simulates different weather conditions, different stadiums, and different football seasons. Players can design their own teams and what makes it even more fun is that users can edit the uniforms.

Mutant Football League

For people looking for an action filled game, then Mutant Football League is the best choice. The striking feature of this game is the use of mutants, orcs and robots who battle it out in football matches. If you are looking for something different, then this is the game for you. Other than the football game, you can get brutal since fighting opponents is allowed. They also allow for dirty tricks such as bribing the referee.

Pro Strategy Football 2018

This game is a football simulator where players are allowed to fully customise their teams. The people using this game can also export and import teams. It also allows players to pick their own coach. One of the advantages is that it uses simple graphics so if you are using it, you do not need to have a powerful PC to enjoy it.

Front Office Football

The graphics in this game might not be the fanciest, but it has all the interesting things one might need in a game. Playing this game allows you to pick a team and make an amateur draft. Once you have a team, you can do other things on the side including constructing a stadium. You can also call for plays in the course of the stimulated game.