Among various sources of entertainment, online games are treated as the most popular one for many people around the world. Only with a smartphone- a must have item, you can try different types of game, which is now turned from PC to Mobile. Let’s give an overview on the list below about some hot online games nowadays !

  1. Adorable Home

People who have interest in it might seem that this game is very simple but entertaining. Especially with someone that has a cat, you may learn many good ways to take care of your pets. It imitates the real life with a couple and many cats around. In Adorable Home, your task is looking after your pets and you may receive hearts from them due to cats ‘s satisfaction. Then you can use these hearts like money to buy everything for your house. Little by little, the more hearts you have, the more chance you will be given to become richer. So try your best to win this game.

  1. Cyber Hunter

Like some Battle Royale games such as : PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival, Free Fire…. Cyber Hunter will let the players express all feelings in the battle for survival with the modern background. This game will be the best cooperation of many activities such as: shooting, how to survive, construction, camouflage,…Player can easily replace whatever characters they want, discovery many interesting things with maps in the game. It is well-known as the most modern one that everyone should give it a try.

  1. League of Legend

This game  first came out in 2009 and is becoming more and more popular with many people around the world. According to an article of Forber in 2012, League of legend attracted most player in both North America and Europe basing on the time they spend on this game. There are also some international tournaments where can find out the best players every year. To become a master in this online game, you should practice day by day. After each match on your mobile, you can learn many important lessons and known how to beat your opponents.

  1. FIFA Online

Also known as FIFA Football or FIFA soccer , this is the series of football game that come out from EA Sports brand. This online game is translated into 18 different languages and sold-out in 51 nations around the world. It then becomes the best online electronic sports on global thanks to its excellent design and its modernity.

  1. Call of Duty ( Series)

This is the new version of online shooting game, which was established in mobile in order to be more suitable for players. Content of the game was derived from World War II but it is now created in a modern way. There are many other versions that players can easily choose the best one for themself. Although some people complain that this game is not really interesting, let alone the repetition among sections. Call of Duty also appeal a  considerable number of fans thanks to its reality and good design. If you are a professional player, this game may leave you a vivid impression in the first time.

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