Top 4 online PC games are attracting players in 2020

1. Black Survival: Eternal Return

Black Survival: Eternal Return was conceived and released as a spinoff of Black Survival. Instead of keeping the style of point and click survival game, this game is adapted into a survival game full of action on 3D real time platform
Players will choose from a group of characters with unique abilities instead of being free to create their own character. This Battle Royale battle will take place on Lumia Island, where players must single-handedly build armor and weapons, prepare different foods to increase power and become the last survivor.
2. PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite is a refined version, shortened from the PLAYERUNKNOWN PARTY BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) version on PC. This version was developed for gamers who want to experience PUBG but do not have a computer powerful enough to fight games smoothly.
The game still creates unique features such as a map, separate shooting mode to draw users back to them. So far, PUBG Lite version has been loved and expected by numerous players. PUBG Lite is expanding, supporting many countries, showing the prospect of this PC survival game is very large.
3. Spellbreak

This is a survival game built in a fantasy magic world. Your mission is to be the last survivor, but instead of guns, bullets, the things you pick up along the way will be magic tricks.
These spells are created from the gloves the character wears, depending on the class. There are a total of 11 classes that deal different types of damage and can combine them creatively. Besides each character can also equip powerful internal to take advantage of the battlefield.
4. Hunter’s Arena: Legends
The game has a combination of MOBA style and Battle Royale style with many fights between gamers. It is known that an open world map in this game can accommodate up to 60 people and the area is quite small, so the fighting and killing scenes will take place continuously.

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