TOP 10 assistant services for sports betting

The line of events on the site of a modern bookmaker includes all known sports, and the painting of an important game – a huge number of outcomes. How can a simple betterer cope with such volumes of information, and still remain in a good plus? Special software developments and automated services come to the rescue. No calculations on a piece of paper: all probabilities are calculated by a smart program. No digging into archives and sports almanacs: any statistics can be obtained at the touch of a button.

These assistant services for sports betting can be divided into two groups:

Statistics services for high-quality analytical work.
Search programs (scanners) that find weaknesses in the strategy of bookmakers.
The first group includes services that provide the player with access to an unlimited array of statistical data. These programs are indispensable for a deep analysis of the upcoming event-whether it is a football match, Boxing match or Formula 1 stage. Statistics are the key to finding a winning bet, but they do not guarantee that you will win. Rich statistical information helps to calculate the probability of a particular outcome, and also becomes the basis for developing strategies and betting algorithms. At the same time, much depends on secondary factors that we have considered in other articles. An obvious plus for a novice player – popular statistical services are mostly free! But you will have to pay for access to exclusive features.

The second group includes partially free or fully paid programs, whose task is to quickly analyze betting lines to find inaccuracies and distortions of coefficients, as well as services for searching for so-called “forks”. As you know, the KEF set.

Statistics services
This section presents the most popular programs that will help the player save time on analytical work. These services have extensive functionality and are easy to use. We have chosen programs that “specialize” not only in football, but also in other popular sports disciplines.

MyScore, Scoresway, Scoreboard, Livescore, Sfstats.

Scanner programs
Software development in this category is in demand among professional cappers. They do not make recommendations based on a thorough study of statistics and other data. The task of such services is to quickly search for betting errors, inflated odds and forks. The best scanner programs are available for a fee, but users can be offered a free trial period or free access to a certain part of the functionality. Most of them do not have a mobile version, as well as convenient applications. Not all of these services have a Russian-language interface. If the bookmaker reasonably suspects you of using such programs, the game account will be blocked for sure.

Grimbets, Hot-odds, Positive-Bet, Oddsportal, Betexplorer.


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