In the history of PC Games, the video game industry has undergone considerable changes  to become the best version nowadays. Although it has to disappear to make room for many other modern games which are more suitable for 21st century, PC games will never been faded away. Let’s take a quick look at the rundown of some famous Video games that was the foundation of Gaming entertainment. 

Snipes (1983) – The first online game that connecting to internet 

Nowadays almost all of games have both online and offline versions. Have you ever heard of the first game that has been connected to internet ? It is Snipes – a game that came out in 1983 by Superset Software. Snipes has a traditional type of playing. Players come into a complex maze to show up their talent in shooting with other players through internet.

Drew Major – producer of Snipes commented that : “ A requirement to play the multiplayer version of Snipes is that all users share a common network drive. It was one of the most earliest text mode multi player game and became the basis for PC games “. Thanks to the appearance of Snipes, MMO, Online games or multiplayer are becoming more and more popular with people around the world.

Chiller ( 1986 ) – The first game that containing blood images

Bleeding is treated as an interesting parts on video games with many players nowadays. It helps to make the game more attracting to people thanks to its reality and horror. Producers has created numerous images that relating to blood so that players can express all feelings when playing games. Do you know which game contain that awful scene ? No game would  stand in this position apart from Chiller – which was created in 1986. All players who has ever played this game were strongly impressed by the background. It looks like an ancient  prison and there are a lot of cadavers around. Your task is killing all the things you see and the more levels you are in, the more thrilling you may feel

Space Spartans (1982) – The first game that providing synthesized speech in real time.

Bringing real voice into video games is a good idea which can make players feel more interested. Although sometimes players don’t care about it and quickly skip the voice, producers also think that it was such a remarkable success of them to create  synthesized speech in games. 

Turning back to 1979 when Mattel released  voice synthesis module, also known as Intellivision. Like other console systems, users of Intellivision can have chance to buy various games. The one that attract many players is Intellivision. After Space Spartans came out, many modern games also have speech in order to instruct people about their tasks in games.

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