Nowadays, the online game has a significant role in global entertainment. Especially, in the COVID-19 situation, this kind of amusement become more and more in vogue.  Only a few years ago, online entertainment still wasn’t relatively popular, and yet, now they are multi-billion-dollar industries worldwide.

In this time, people are prevented to go out for amusement. Therefore they choose online entertainment as a solution. Both e-sports and online casino are online experiences and it is adjusted by artificial intelligence. Users can play anywhere, any time they prefer so it will bring to players more experience about the digital gaming industry.

Only with smartphones and internet access now, it’s much more simple for people to access to the internet and play a few rounds of their casino game instead of spend time going to the traditional casino from home. 

E-Sports and Online Casino have created a new mission. The most important way the two gaming industries are changing the world of entertainment lies in the fact that they have created new types of professional careers.

They started as a small kind of entertainment with some regular players. Nevertheless, today, both industries have a significant number of professional players that bring a lot of money to investors. 

When it comes to online sport, some games like s4, Peter Dager, and Faker are often mentioned. All deal with prestigious companies such as Cocacola, Redbull. However, the development of online entertainment has only a few big online entertainments brand and the industry is gradually growing up with some small companies. This growth raised up GDP of global 

In conclusion, e-sport and online casino gradually have a significant position in the entertainment market.

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