In Macau all the casinos close down due to coronavirus

All casinos in Macau will be closed for 14 days . The authorities will announce the date and time of the closure later. Earlier, the region confirmed the tenth case of coronavirus infection. It was found in the possession of a 57- year -old Macao resident . Macau authorities have decided to suspend the operation of all casinos for two weeks due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, Reuters reports, citing a statement from the head of the region, Ho Iat Seng.

This drop in tourism cannot but affect Macao’s income , which is mainly derived from tourism and gambling. A deadly coronavirus epidemic threatens the prospects of gambling operators in Macau.Last weekend, according to the lunar calendar , The new year came in the East . Traditionally, this time is the peak of tourism. But on new year’s eve, the number of tourists in Macau decreased by 79.6% compared to last year. And for the first 3 days of the holiday, the total number of visitors was 66% lower than last year, according to Bloomberg.

About 80% of the city ‘s revenue comes from casino taxes . The sharp drop in tourism in Macau came just after one of the worst years in the city ‘s recent history. In 2019, casino revenues totaled $36.47 billion, which is 3.4% lower compared to 2018. This is the worst result in the last 5 years .

The date and time of closing of gambling establishments will be agreed later. According to the Inside Asian Gaming portal, all 49 casinos will be closed , as well as “similar types of entertainment “. The head of Macao added that the closing conditions will be discussed with the owners of gambling establishments.

This decision was made by the authorities against the background of reports of a tenth person infected with the coronavirus in Macau. According to Macau News, it was a 57- year- old resident of the city who visited Guangzhou on January 25 and returned the same day. The next day, he developed a high fever and started coughing, the newspaper reported . On February 4, the man was confirmed to have a coronavirus, and is now isolated.




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