A dangerous disease spreading from Wuhan which is called Covid 19 has made great impact on all aspects of life. All activities had to be postponed until further notice and people felt very difficult to earn a living apart from being in quarantine. In particular, the coronavirus has heavily influenced sports-betting industry which are expected to take off in 2020 in United States. Some popular sporting events like college basketball betting are delayed and all the tournaments of NBA, NHL and some organizations also come back later.

In this bad condition, sports-betting industry is finding all best ways to keep it alive and try to attract fans or else the business will be in danger of disappearance. They have to cut down on available staffs in order to make it afloat. There is no sporting competitions in period of the pandemic so that no bettor places his money on any bookmakers. The name of game right now is treated as the remarkable one towards sports betting and media industries.

“ The representatives of this industry is doing their best to make business developing again after Covid 19. We have to avoid cutting down on the staffs and bring back  the revenue like before when this dangerous pandemic hasn’t broken out.” – shared by an advisor from multiple media company. Although sporting events can be held this year, bookies can make profits from live events which is played online through smart phone. Only by updating some latest matches which are on time can bettors place theirs money as wagering plunges.

“ Our industry are being heavily affected by coronavirus that we feel very depressed right now. We cannot imagine that one day we have no events for fans to bet.”- Dave Mcdowell showed his worry about his business. He revealed that his company is facing up to many difficulties and have to solve a lot of problems. He hoped that people who have great passion for betting can support them and sympathize for the disadvantaging condition now.

If you regularly update news, you may realize that sportsbook operators are very stressed because all casinos have been closed in order to make sure that social- distancing will be applied. “ There is no one finding us ad we are undergo an economic crisis” shared by Chris Bevilacqua, an director for sports as well as entertainment industry.

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