As you may know nowadays, Covid 19 is treated as the most dangerous disease all over the world. None of any nations have not suffered from the coronavirus due to the rapid spread of it. The governments are trying their best to take measures to put this virus under control. Among these nations, The United States is the most heavily affected countries which is more than 2 million cases. Because of this current condition, all activities temporarily have to be postponed until further notice to protect people from getting together. Therefore, some devices will be closed such as restaurants, cinemas, bookmakers or casinos,…

When all the source of entertainments close, the outcome of the country also decrease. Gambling is being known as a good source to make profits. However, because of the impact of coronavirus, it seems to witness such a economic crisis.

Casino is preparing to take a hit

Each year, gambling industry brings more than 10 billion USD whereas casinos is only 1 billion USD. But in this condition, people don’t know  when the quarantine is absolutely stopped. In order to hinder citizens from meeting up and social connecting, the income of this industry in 2020 will surely not exceed many years ago.  The longer the social distancing methods are being applied, the more ability that the casinos in United States will go on losing. 

Some more factors

Not only casinos are suffered from Covid 19 but many other forms of gambling are also witness a downturn this year. The Euro 2020 has been delayed because almost all of sporting events are putted off and switch to another version. Some sports are held online to make sure that both players and spectators are safe from Covid 19. Not many leagues are active so that bettors as well as bookmakers can’t place a bet to make money. This is the reason why they don’t have any profits since the coronavirus broke out.

Online casinos gaming is on the way to developed 

If players can not appear in land-based casinos, they will have another place which is always available to play: it is online casinos. With only a smartphone, you can experience all activities online which has full support of services. There are various website of online casinos for you to choose which have high rating and legal in United States as well. As some professionals forecast, this industry will strongly develop because it can satisfy the current demands of players now.

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