In 2020, all nations around the world are witnessing a serious economic crisis which was caused by a dangerous pandemic called Covid 19. It was originated from Wuhan, a village in China from January until now. Due to the rapid outbreak of it, all activities that relating to sports have been postponed until Coronavirus is under control. Bookmakers all feel very disappointing because they couldn’t  earn a living and the outcome of this betting industry is decreasing seriously. What do you think when there is no sports to place a bet on or no space is available for bettors to play ? The bookmakers as well as the header of betting industry has faced up to this problem for a long time and they decided to develop the online betting through mobile phone. 

They will provide customers a lot of different options such as slot machine, bingo, poker or even the casino games. One matter that should be taken into consideration is that with people who feel difficult in controlling their gambling, the new betting version can be destroying. “People take part in gambling for many reasons. Some take it as a source of entertainment after an all day long. Others are hooked on sports betting to make a profit,..It is a quick way to earn money.”

“ There is an important notice you should take when betting on sports that using casino games and sports. It is treated to be risky for bettors and there is no connection between players and sports. People may not understand the characteristics of these products and this will lead to a lot of problems.”

Difficulties and resolution

Some governments find out that dangers and they took many measures to resolve this problem. In Belgian, a deposit of 500 dollars was suggested to support betting industry, especially the hosted sites. In Spanish, sports betting advertisements were temporarily restricted for four hours and this activity in Latvia is being postponed until the coronavirus is under control. However, there are some positive news that most nations have taken new plans to be suitable for the current condition. 

Most operators will develop the gambling through sportsbook where bettors can place their money in different competitions.

There will be a list of people who used to place a bet on sportsbook as a result of Grand National. “ We know that people take part in gamble for many reasons. Firstly, it helps people know clearly about virtual gambling which is the knowledge that people don’t understand much. Secondly, it let people go to the crosshair of the game. “ The most disappointing gamble was when football was off in the summer and I had to find another source to relax such as : casino, virtual sports,… Although it was not the things that I had passion before, it made me became addicted to and spent all money on it “.

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