To all nations around the world in this current condition, Covid 19 is treated as the most dangerous pandemic which has made a dramatic change in people’s life, especially some main industries such as casinos, cardrooms,… Have you ever imagined that one day casinos will be reopened and everyone can go to this place to relax themselves after all day long ? This fact is about the future so that we have to accept the condition that Coronavirus is going on spreading rapidly in community right now. We have to create something to protect people from this infectious viruses.

If the representatives of this business can prove that they apply some measures to make both of players as well as staffs safe, casinos will stand a good chance of being reopened soon. The manager of casinos have to discuss carefully to find out suitable strategies which can prevent virus from breaking out. In addition to this, some rules and regulations have to be set out to make sure that every bettors don’t run the risk of contracting contagions. 

How to create a game plan ?

If the headers of casinos want to reopen his business, they have to bear in mind some important things that relate to the safety of players. The first necessary one is estimating the risk that customers may take if this kind of industry comes back. After that, some modern approaches had to be updated on time so that both staffs, as well as players, can easily test for Covid 19 every day. Here are some problems that the headers of casinos should find out the suitable solutions:

  • How to prevent virus from spreading rapidly and keep the customers safe
  • How to protect all the staffs as well as employees in casinos because they  have to talk with customers from different nations everyday.
  • Build up some healthcare destinations near casinos and card rooms

How will employees in casinos be tested for Covid 19 ?

Before they come to work, they will be tested for Covid 19 whether they are suffering from this dangerous disease or not. Therefore, they can not bring the risk to other people. The results will be available after a few days and in this time , staffs may have to wait for the negative tests. Or else they may be isolated from community for at least two weeks.

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