While many other nations see the big decrease in new cases of Covid 19 these days, United States still becomes the center of this dangerous pandemic where there are more than 34,700 case up to now. Do you curious about the rapid outbreak of this disease over this nation ? The main reason may originate from the behavior of citizens. Instead of wearing masks to protect themselves from being affected by Coronavirus, they still get together without any protective equipment and don’t comply with some measures that government has used such as social distancing, isolating from community,.. Although some industries like hotel-casinos were allowed to reopened, they had to remind their customer about how to keep safe as well as creating a good environment at this time. 

On the strip, the open of casinos is also treated as a suitable way to encourage guests to wear masks and take the Covid 19 under control. Some weeks ago, there were a team who had a task to go through some popular places in United States – the nation that heavily suffered from Covid 19 such as Caesars Palace, Paris, Flamingo, The Linq and Harrah’s to look out for people that putting on masks while being in casinos. 

Other nations should follow this promotion to prevent the spread of Coronavirus around the world. Anyone who feel that they have good attitude towards protecting themselves as well as community also achieve the money from government. This will only be applied with citizens in Caesars Rewards but according to the news of Reno Gazette Journal, money will be awarded to someone who sign up for an opportunity as soon as possible. In the USA Today network, the representatives said that the promotion will end if wearing masks become a daily habit of American citizens. 

Players who take part in casinos have to comply with general rules that relating to Covid 19. At the table game, gamblers are forced to put on masks in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading rapidly in a small destination. As you probably know, the number of people that have positive tests of Covid 19 isn’t going down but going up. This has made a remarkable change in citizen’s life and they also need time to get used to the current situation. 

“ Staffs are very worried”  Culinary Union Secretary said some days ago. They have to work face to face everyday with gamblers who come from many different places. The more customers go to the casinos, the more risks they will take. Therefore, wearing masks is such an important thing that people should bear in mind to create a safe environment for both players as well as staffs here.

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