As you know, a dangerous disease which originated from Wuhan has made an economic crisis around the world. It has prevented people from earning a living and all activities are being postponed until further notice. The Covid 19 has made great impact on casino industry. Some representatives from Las Vegas to Macau are discussing to make a new plan for a remarkable comeback. Hundreds of staffs are preparing carefully to make sure that the return after covid 19 of Bookmakers will be perfect.

Gaming characteristics that have came back after weeks like Macau event was not as good as desirable outcomes. Some weeks ago, spot-checks were introduced to all people that a lot of customer in Macau casino could check whether it is convenient or not. Everyday, there were more than about 200,000 visitors who want to relax themselves by placing a bet on sport that they concern about. All counts were held on afternoon of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The number of people the entering the casino is decreasing much because of the rapid outbreak of Coronavirus. The government of this place applied some social restrictions to make sure that a safe environment will be created. Bookmakers felt that this might be the most challenging time for them to keep up developing their business and attract bettors to come back again. 

Relating to some measures that are being used, it seemed to be a little bit difficult for visitors to go to their favorite places. Cross-border travel restrictions may be the most popular one. No flight is allowed to take because we are in quarantine. Therefore, bettors can find no way to move to their casino destinations to attend a liveshow. According to some professionals in economy, this industry won’t be opened until all these barriers are cancelled.

It is not certain that the casino industry will take off after Covid 19 is under control.The leader of casinos should understand the feeling as well as the mindsets of customer in each period. What will they think and what will they like ? It is treated as the main key for success. Ceo of of Las vegas Sands said that: “ Bettors are very depressed in their life and need a place to relax. They really want to go back to the gambling destinations in casino. As you may know, this is one of the most popular ways for people to chill after an all day long.

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