How to become the winner when taking part in betting on sports or online games ? This question maybe the great concern of many people who have interest in online entertainment, especially the beginners in this terms. 

After know precisely about the gamblings and some basic betting methods, you should make sure that you are a reckless people who can place a bet. What’s more, you have general knowledge and should broaden your experience after a betting. In this post, we will update some successful strategies in online betting which has been applied by many winners. 

#1. MARTINGALE STRATEGY : Profitable but risky trading

Of all the betting methods nowadays, this strategy is treated as the most effective one that has been used by many players around the world. Here is its basic rules:

For Example

  • If you start your betting with 2 USD and become the winner, you should bet another 2 USD in the next turn.
  • In case you are the loser, you should bet 4 USD
  • In the next time, if you continue losing all your money, you should bet 8USD. If you win the match, it’s best way to return to 2USD
  • If you lose again, you should bet 16USD,….

Another thing you should bear in mind is the odds. If you want to have more chances to become the winner, you might choose 1:1 or 1: 0,97.


This method is up to the differences among the sets that Bookmakers has given in a match. The more stakes you invest in this game, the more profit you can make. No matter what the result of the match is, you will earn money easily if you place your bet in many bookies.

Some benefits of this strategy:

  • It will be valid even when you place a bet in many different bookmakers at the same time.
  • Suitable for people who is always lack of luck in betting
  • Earning income from the Internet.

#3. LUCKY 15 BETS :

This format is stem from the popular yankee betting form.Each player has 5 choices, full cover has 26 legs:

  • 10 doubles
  • 10 trebles
  • 5 4-folds
  • 1 5-folds

You can easily earn good money from this method and all you need to do is finding 4 games you like most to bet on. 

With these reliable methods, we hope that you can make money from betting on online games and easily beat the book-makers one day.!

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