This community is for many different gamers of various skill levels, that span across multiple games. We create a place where people can come to hang, play, and have a great gaming experience. If you are looking for an active, welcoming community, this is the place to be!

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Do you want to be one of us? Sure you want to, because we have an awesome community! Here we game every day to hone our skills.

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We give competitive players access to our full range of resources from mumble channels, practice servers, and even coaching. We also run PUGs to help you improve your game.


Our community provides a great environment for gamers of different backgrounds and skill levels, whether you want to play casually with friends, lounge and chat, or train to be the very best.


Looking for a great place to connect? Join our forums and jump right into the discussion! Share your thoughts, tips and questions, and become part of our growing community.


What is Mumble?

Mumble is a voice over IP (VoIP) application primarily designed for use by gamers, similar to programs such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo. It allows for quick and easy chat, and a place to hang out!

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Our Mumble Server

We have a public community mumble that is our centeral hub for everything that happens, if you are looking to get connected this is the best way. All are welcome, and feel free to join whenever you want!

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